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    talking house rent

    So you're thinking about selling your home without a Realtor?

    Don't worry, we're not offended in the least.  While we would certainly love to help you sell your home quickly, easily, and affordably, we also understand that folks like to save money.

    Of course, most people think that by selling their homes without a Realtor, that they are going to save 6% or more on the process.  What they don't realize is that typically, a Realtor can actually sell your property for MORE than you can, which would offset the fees in the first place.  Plus, Realtors like us represent YOUR interests, handle all the paperwork and the legal hassles, plus we handle all the phone calls and appointments so you don't have to.  You simply continue living your life and literally let someone else worry about selling your house or condo.

    Before you decide to go FSBO (For Sale By Owner), we suggest you read our 'Truth About FSBO' page.  Don't worry, we're not trying to sell you anything, but the information will help you avoid common mistakes and pitfalls, plus prepare you for the process.  Our 'Buying Process' page will give you an overview of the basic real estate sales process - again, the more you know ahead of time, the better off you'll be.

    Ok, now that you know what's involved in actually selling your home yourself... Wouldn't it be nice to have a cost-effective marketing tool that would help you sell your home faster??

    Talking House
    Working For You...
    Get Results

    Talking House Transmitter
    Seller Results

    Talking house transmitter

    Talking House transmitter

    • Helps sell your home quickly and easily, for top dollar. 

    • Radio broadcast of features encourages prospects to listen to your home's most attractive features from the comfort of their car.

    • Never sleeps. . . works 24 hours a day for maximum sales potential. 

    • won't even notice it's there.

    TALKING HOUSE Sells Homes. 

            It's so simple you won't believe it. TALKING HOUSE is a mini radio station that broadcasts a prerecorded message about your home. Prospects simply drive up, tune their car radio to the station listed on the TALKING HOUSE yard sign, and listen to your home's special features and benefits. It won't cause any interference with area TV or radio. Fully F.C.C. approved. It's the state-of-the-art in selling homes. 

    Talking House transmitter

    Helps Sell Your Home Quickly And At Your Price! 

            TALKING HOUSE brings your home and all its special features to life like no newspaper can. Makes your home stand out from the crowd in the minds of potential home buyers. Helps screen out the curious lookers... helps pre-sell the serious prospects. 

    Serious Buyers Give TALKING HOUSE Listings Top Priority.  

            Why? Because it's so easy and convenient to review a home with a TALKING HOUSE message. And that can often make the difference between a quick sale, and a long, costly wait. It puts yours at the top of the list of homes to be viewed when new prospects come into an area. 


    Drive-by Prospects become buyers
    with Talking House!

            The TALKING HOUSE Transmitter is about the size of an answering machine. It just plugs in any outlet. A continuous message recording broadcasts your home's features 24 hours a day, on a pre-selected radio frequency. You'll only know it's there from all the cars parked out front, tuned in!

    Want your house to be a Talking House?

    Talking House Transmitter
    Rental Program Details

    We want to make sure you have every opportunity to be successful in selling your property whether you hire us or not.

    If You Hire Us to Sell Your Home:
    We will be more than happy to place a Talking House transmitter in your home at no additional charge if we sign an agreement to sell your home. Even though we will provide you with a WRITTEN Guarantee of all of our services (including Talking House), we will still only charge 6% in most cases.  Typically, we'll get a higher price for your home than you could on your own plus we'll handle all the hassles, so you will find that the commission you pay is more than worth it.

    If You Decide to Sell on Your Own:
    We will consider renting a Talking House transmitter to you at a reasonable price.  Not only will we record the broadcast message and set the unit up in a convenient location within your home, but also we will include a yard sign that advertises your home as a Talking House. If you really want to get serious, we can help you create a postcard mailing to announce your home to the market.

    The cost to rent a Talking House transmitter is just $60 per month. If for some reason your house doesn't sell as quickly as you would like, and you hire us to sell your home, we will not only keep a unit in your home FREE until your property sells, but also we will REFUND any and all rental fees you might have paid in the mean time.  Great deal, right?  

    Why Would a Realtor Help Me Sell on My Own?

    It's simple - for two reasons:

    1) Chances are, if you're selling your home, you need to buy or rent another place to live.  We'd like to be your Realtors whether we're helping you sell your house or helping you find a new one. Offering the Talking House Transmitter Rental Program allows us another opportunity to earn your business. Did we mention our written services guarantee?

    2) As soon as a sign goes up in the yard, your phone will start ringing. And of course, with Talking House, buyers will stop and listen to the broadcast message 24-hours a day. Because Talking House will be providing lots of great information about your property, the people who call you already consider your home to be a possible match for them.

    However, your house will not be a match for every buyer. And not everyone who listens to your message will actually be able to afford your property. We want these buyers! These folks are actively trying to find a house, and as Realtors, we're always looking for good customers.

    So, on your broadcast message, we will include our own name and phone number so that these buyers can contact us if your home is not right for them for some reason. Of course, we'll also give them all the information they need to contact you directly and buy your house directly - they don't need to call us to buy your house.  Again, we want the folks who aren't going to buy your house.  It's a win-win for you and for us.

    Talking House transmitter

    One other option - Buy Instead of Rent
    If you would rather buy the Talking House Transmitter instead of renting it from us, that's fine.  The cost is just $750 and includes the yard sign. Discounts can be arranged if you are buying 5 or more units. These transmitters are great to have if you have more than one house to sell, if you have rental property (by the way, we also handle rentals), or even if you have a business and want to advertise from your store.

    Talking House yard sign

    Ready to Order Your Talking House Transmitter?

    Contact Us by Email Today!

    Please remember to give us your
    name, address, phone number and email address!

    Don't want to handle the sale by yourself?

    Hire Professionals. Hire Us!

    Contact Us Today!

    Branon A. Edwards

    Jelena Panfilova

    Talking House transmitter

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